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Contract Services

Measuring award-winning craft spirits for optimal flavor and consistency

New Alchemy Distilling offers a range of research and development services, including recipe and process development for a broad range of craft spirits, including standards like gin and whiskey, to amaro, shochu and ready-to-drink cocktails. We can develop a product from just an idea, or from a small-scale existing product such as a cocktail, and prepare that product for pilot or large scale production.

We partner with craft distillers and brand owners for contract recipe development as well as a full suite of production services, from distillation and blending to bottling and canning. Our current clientele includes both startups and well-established brands; we have also successfully transitioned some brands we incubated to large-scale manufacturing and distribution once they outgrew us. We have produced limited runs of house-label spirits and single barrel bottlings. We’re happy to discuss proposals for new brands and products.

New Alchemy Distilling self-distributes our products to over 200 accounts in California. We also act as a wholesaler for a number of brands that we contract manufacture or have otherwise partnered with, allowing new brands rapid access to the California market, and allowing midsized brands to establish a foothold before transitioning to a larger distributor as they grow.

We provide various consultative services for both spirit and RTD cocktail brands and products, beyond recipe formulation and manufacturing, including equipment and still design and procurement, assistance with TTB and/or local regulatory approval, as well as trademark and patent development. We have also worked with brands to facilitate the transition from one 3rd-party manufacturer or co-packer to another.