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Our Award-Winning Craft Spirits

New Alchemy, a family-owned distillery, has been making small-batch spirits of exceptional quality using local ingredients since 2012. Distilled, tasted, and bottled in-house.

Fleurette Gin

Eleven distinct flowers and other botanicals are blended with the most subtle and fragrant juniper berries.


46% ABV – 750ml – $34.99

Vermilion Gin

Vapor-path distilled with flowers and botanicals and infused with hibiscus to add a striking natural color and a complex palette of both tart and bitter notes.


46% ABV – 750ml – $42.99

The Arborist Gin

Using fourteen different botanicals, we create a layered palate with light juniper on top, followed by bright citrus and spice notes, and ending in a clean, peppery finish.


46% ABV – 750 ml – $34.99

Fylleangst Aquavit

Our interpretation of a Scandinavian staple, Fylleangst is vapor distilled with toasted caraway, coriander, cumin, anise, fenugreek, summer savory, lemongrass, and more. 


42.5% ABV – 750 ml – $34.99

Aether Vodka

We developed an exclusive distillation and refinement process that allows this overproof vodka to be as smooth as the best traditional vodkas. 


60% ABV – 750ml – $34.99

White Devil Whiskey

Unburdened by the dominating flavor of oak, this elegant white whiskey allows the characters of grain and yeast to shine through with the bright, spicy notes of rye and a gentle pear essence.


40% ABV – 750ml – $29.99